CEIC | Centro Español de Investigaciones Coreanas
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The Spanish Center of Korean Research

We are a non-profit and independent organization founded in 2000 for University Professors of the Complutense University of Madrid and the UCLM (Castilla-La Mancha University) fascinated about Korea, its Culture and History as well as for its recent economic, educative, democratic and social development.

With the initial support of the Korea Foundation and the Embassy of the Korean Republic in Spain we have created an organization with no economic dependency or political affiliation.

Transparent and open to everyone, it brings together the most prestigious experts of Korea about Spain and vice versa with the backing of the main universities of each country.


Our purpose is to promote the mutual understanding and cooperation between Spain, Ibero-America and Korea in all levels (academic, cultural, entrepreneurial, and social) to be able to catch every opportunity of welfare, labor, justice and progress.

Our mission is to analyze, study and spread (?) to facilitate, dynamize, bridge the gap and the creation of synergies between institutions, organizations and Korean, Spanish and Ibero-American corporations.


For 2019 we have planned the celebration of the CEIC Annual Congress, the publication of brand new books about Korea and the economic relations with Spain, workshops, conferences in Casa Asia and lot more in which you can participate. If you are interested in any aspects of Korea contact us and become a member of the CEIC now!


12 annual symposiums about Spain-Korea relations, celebrated in UCLM (University of Castilla La Mancha) and Complutense University of Madrid.

14 edited books about the social, historical, politic and economic reality in Korea, as well as the most complete work about Korean Art edited in Spanish.

Cooperation Agreements and close contact with the most prestigious Korean Universities.

Dozens of articles and investigations signed by CEIC members.

Conferences, seminars and events with the most prestigious experts in Korea as well as relevant scholars of the field, creating forums for dialogue to develop the collaboration between professionals related to Korea.








Nowadays, CEIC is facing a new phase full of illusion, new projects and ideas. We have a new professional management that wants to develop even more the CEIC activities:

  • Think Tank about the study and the dialogue between Korea and Spain in Spain
  • A forum and union link between the academic, business and sociocultural areas of both countries
  • Opportunities generator among exchange, cooperation and business
Membership advantages:
  • Belonging to a prestigious Center where people can share their passion and interest for Korea and its culture as well as seeking for new opportunities in every area with the Hispanic world
  • Contributing to a non-profit organization that has a clear management opened to all its members. Their purpose is to promote the biggest knowledge and rapprochement with Korea and Ibero-America and its resulting social benefit
  • Being able to contribute with new ideas in a “think tank” format and a forum organized by CEIC which is meant to unify university, companies and the civil society and generate possibilities
  • Attending numerous events organized by CEIC about education, diffusion or with a fun and social meaning
  • Receiving free publications edited or promoted by CEIC
  • Discounts and advantages in products and services from CEIC collaborators
  • The chance of using the CEIC office in Madrid as an eventual work place or a meeting point for commercial or institutional appointments that is accessible and well connected